Welcome to The Hockey Department, Ottawa's Elite Hockey School. The program and system of teaching was developed by Mike Knight, Owner/Lead Instructor of The Hockey Department and former NHL Skills Development Coach. With five years of Professional playing experience (AHL, ECHL, Europe), four years playing in the OHL, over 15 years of teaching hockey professionally, working with and being mentored by former NHL Skating & Skills coach Graeme Townshend, Mike developed a program that only gets results!

   The Hockey Department's development programs are designed for motivated players who want to receive elite level training from professional instructors to reach their highest potential. We are "quality over quantity" focused, we always keep class sizes small, with 12 being the max and understand every player's development needs. The word "development" gets thrown around by a lot of other hockey schools who are business focused and the word has turned into just a buzz word to drive their numbers and sales up. Here at The Hockey Department, we are completely different because we are not numbers focused and luckily don't ever need to be. We are purely focused on what real development actually consists of so all players can grow and evolve their games every opportunity that their training with us. 


   Our teaching philosophy evolves from the deeper understanding that every player learns differently and has different strengths and weaknesses. To elaborate, we challenge players to continuously get out of their comfort zone while still learning at their own gradual pace for optimal results. All players that work with us never plateau as we strive for perfection on every rep for each skill being taught. The secret recipe for success that we relay to all the players is hard work and consistency. 


   Some main areas we focus our development on are skating and dynamic edge control, stride development, puck handling skills, shooting techniques, puck protection skills/techniques, high patterned game situation development, position specific development and hockey IQ. Most of our drills you will not see anywhere else and we are continuously explaining why and when we are using these skills in a game situation.


   Game performance development is our ultimate goal for all players, so getting the players thinking and performing skills they will repetitively face in a game, we find is the best proven way. We're focused on providing continuous correction, perfecting the fundamentals and mechanics of each skill being taught whether it be a new or familiar skill. The Hockey Department team is passionate about providing the best development, instruction and service to each player. Mike Knight is present at every on ice session and leads or oversees all instruction that is being provided. 


   We believe all players should be well informed about their ongoing progress and are happy to provide feedback anytime. We appreciate the opportunity to train and mentor all players along their hockey journey.